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How to Contest A Ticket:
Here are the options depending on what your claim involves:

In some cases, contesting a ticket can be done directly through the Parking Violations Branch (PVB). Below are some examples:
  • A broken parking meter
  • Having a valid kiosk receipt/ or ParkMobile (meterUP) receipt
  • Sign problem
  • Resident Parking Permit
  • Permission to park
For examples of situations not included, which must be directed to the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication - see box to right.
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Handicap Placards
  • No stopping, double parking or other safety violations
If your best option would be addressing it with the PVB, here's how:
  • Contest the ticket through this web form.
  • Mail your information to the PVB:
Parking Violations Branch
PO Box 41819
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1819

Call the PVB at 888-591-3636 if you have any questions.
All other situations where a ticket is being contested that weren't mentioned in the PVB box to the left can be addressed with the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA).

And yet again - you have options:
  • Request an in-person hearing by clicking here.
  • Submit your case by mail. To learn how to submit your case by mail, click here.
  • Submit your case online by clicking here.