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You may also submit your appeal by web - similar to hearing by mail except without the mail. You will first review and accept your Rights and Responsibilities and will then complete the form and upload your written testimony together with any evidence that you would like a hearing examiner to consider in your defense of each violation.

Once that material is received, your case will be placed in line for review by a hearing examiner and the ticket involved will be placed on hold until the outcome is reached. When the matter has been reviewed and a decision is made, you will receive notice of the decision by mail. Include the address to which you want the decision addressed.
There is a maximum upload of 3 Mb per submission. It is advisable to assemble what you plan to upload first and check for size. You can upload pdfs and jpegs but the entire upload has to be less than 3Mb. If your submission is larger than that, you may reduce the number of photos or resize your photos or reduce the resolution of the photos to get the package down to size before you get started with submission.
If you believe that your presentation cannot be adequately made within the file size constraints for web upload, you may want to consider submitting by mail.
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